The Nerdenning of a Wedding

Posted By The Mrs. on February 9, 2015

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First: To the Grammar Nazis, yes, this title is in fact an invitation for you to debate the correct spelling of “Nerdenning” in the comments. Enjoy!

So it happened. At a small restaurant we used to go to when we started living together he asked me to marry him. I wasn’t one of the little girls with the big binders, full of pictures of dresses I dreamed of or anything like that, so it surprised both of us a bit when I jumped into wedding planning full force over that next week.

Maybe we should have seen it coming…people started asking me for a date. Not having a date or even a year when that question came wasn’t something my little brain was ready for. Every time I got the question all I could see in my head was the undefined list of everything we needed to do to even talk about the specific date.

Theme and colors and venues and event size and on and on…and when I have something on my mind that’s undecided and I’m excited about it…good luck getting me to shut up. I’m a nervous rambler. Which, when trying to plan something, is actually a good thing! When you start planning there are four pieces you have to get through that every other decision will depend on:

  1. Date (at least year/season)
  2. Theme (or colors)
  3. Budget (based on spend per major item)
  4. Event Size (restricted by budget)

Until you have at least a rough idea of what those four elements are going to be you literally can’t make any other decisions. Everything, from your dress to the food, will be related to what you decide for those four items. So they’re kinda a big deal.

Rustic Harry Potter

Nerdery was never off the table, not with us.

We quickly decided late summer/very early fall as the season, and were torn between this year and next…but then came the theme discussion. My dream wedding, according to my Pinterest board, was a rustic one, maybe in the woods, with a little bbq, string lights and, of course, that gorgeous white dress.

He wanted something a little more…post-apocalyptic. Zombies and grunge…maybe a bioshock feel? I wish wish wish he had taken a picture of my face at the moment of that suggestion, but perhaps it’s lucky for his camera lens that he didn’t. The movies always show those kinds of looks shattering them sooo….we tabled that discussion with a “let’s keep thinking on this one”.

Fortunately, something came to me about a week later in the midst of getting ready for work. I was thinking about the color scheme I wanted (plum, rosemary and gold with lace and burlap thrown in) and what games or other IP he might be able to get on board with that fit the colors I liked…It appeared in my mind….

Our favorite. If you haven't played it yet, I definitely recommend the remade DS version!

Our favorite. If you haven’t played it yet, I definitely recommend the remade DS version!

Ripping the shower curtain back:
Me: Zelda!
FH: *spluttering slightly since I’d interrupted him in the middle of rinsing* Wh-what?
Me: Wedding theme. Zelda. Our theme should be Zelda!
FH: Really?
Me: What?
FH: I wanted that, but I didn’t think you’d go for it. I was worried you’d think it was too nerdy.
Me: But…post apocalypse?

Image Credit: Stylish Caveman

Image Credit: Stylish Caveman

Yeah. He seriously thought that it made more sense to do a post apocalyptic wedding than a Zelda one. Zelda, the game originally entitled “adventure” with a rustic almost medieval theme complete with a princess and hero and gold thrown in as a primary color seemed like a more difficult wedding choice than gore, grime and braaaaaiiiiinnnns. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that he grows a great beard. 😉

Now the challenge comes. It’s a surprisingly fine line to walk between a wedding with some classy nods to a nerdy theme, and a childs birthday party. In fact, when you look up Zelda Wedding on pinterest, a number of the results actually are from birthday parties and not weddings. Fortunately, the number of nerdy weddings available is growing, and the Doctor Who fandom in particular knows how to throw a beautiful wedding(post tbw about this), but it’s still a surprisingly small niche compared to the number of nerds getting married out there.

Which is a large part of the reason I’m writing this blog. I’m hoping that by documenting my journey through this process others will be able to use that to incorporate their favorite things into their weddings as well. So please. Steal any of my ideas. Grow them into something just for you. Contact my vendors. They welcome new challenges. Use my graphics or code for your own event. Give them new life.

Hell, even message me if you get stuck on an element. I’m always happy to help brainstorm! 🙂

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