Bridesmaid (and Groomsmen!) Proposals

Posted By The Mrs. on July 7, 2015

Groomsmen Gift

I totally fell in love with the idea of doing a little something especially zelda for the bridal party proposal, and I’m really excited about how they turned out!

The chests for the maids, with the groomsmen note in a bottle in the background.

The chests for the maids, with the groomsmen note in a bottle in the background.

It’s such a big commitment, so while we couldn’t afford to purchase their attire day of we still wanted to help in some way. We focused on adding something a little extra Zelda-y to their outfits instead. We presented these gifts with a little note that included a link to a page with need to know information for all of them like attire, schedule of events(inc day of itinerary) and assignments for things like taking the gifts back to our house, and helping grandparents.

Grooms Men

For the Grooms Men we went with a dagger sized replica of the master sword, and a bottle that could be tied to a belt to be filled with brightly colored alcohol(like potions!) The message about being a groomsman was tucked into the bottle when we gave it to them. Because we live in Utah and some of them were out of state we couldn’t mail them any liquor, so we plan to give that to them on the wedding day.

Groomsmen Proposal


The bottle was from Save on Crafts, and they have a great variety…they’ve saved my butt on a number of wedding purchases, and the dagger is from amazon, you can check it out here.


Bridesmaid gift as presented

Necklace and Earrings in a mossfilled chest for each bridesmaid.

We selected a Zora Sapphire Pendant* and strung it on a brown leather cord as a necklace for the bridesmaids to wear, since they were the brides side and that was the blue stone. It’s paired with “gold” triforce earrings from Etsy.  See below for how I aged the paper(which actually looks even better in person), the chest it’s presented in was from another Etsy shop.

I’d love to hear about any thoughts or questions you have! Leave a comment below! <3

*The stones on Sanshee look like they’re selling out. If the one you want is gone, you can check Amazon by clicking here

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