Zelda Themed Engagement Photos

Posted By The Mrs. on July 15, 2015

Legend of Zelda Engagements

So excited to have our engagement photos back! We did a zelda themed photo shoot to match the wedding theme. They turned out pretty fantastically, and only made me more excited for our big day! There’s so much to do before then so it was great to take a break and hang out in the woods for a day with our amazing photographer! <3 <3 <3 (Vendor credits after the photos! )


Photographer: Naomi Leu

Hair and Makeup: Lauren McGee

Sheik Necklace by Lickety Cut

His boots are from Amazon

The Master Sword is too, as is the sword belt he used to wear it

Oh, and that Ocarina…did I mention I have a problem? heh because also that green shirt he’s wearing

Ok, that’s the last of the Amazons I swear!

The dress was from Modcloth, but it’s all sold out. I made the scarf myself, the tank was from Buckle, but again, sold out. There are these amazing earring on Etsy, and even though you don’t see them I’m totally wearing them…I think that’s all the things. Poke me if I missed something important!


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