3D Print: Hylian and Kokiri Shield Boutonnieres

Posted By The Mrs. on July 28, 2015


The shields I made for the boutonnieres in our wedding were one of the easier crafts I did, since I have a 3D printer. I downloaded the models from Thingiverse. The Hylian shield was made by Smock13, and the Deku shield was made by haycurt. I loved that the Hylian shield was curved because we printed it in a wood filament, and that layering gave it a wood like texture as well! In the end the results were so good that we now offer the shields here, in our shop.

The prints were generated with fairly standard settings in Simplify 3D. High Quality, and then I tweaked the temperature for the build plate and the extruder(50 and 210 degrees respectively). The deku shield printed perfect laying flat with just the standard arrangement, but to get the Hylian shield to print well I had to lower it slightly in the z axis(-.5). Hit print and they were done in about an hour.


Once printed it was hard to see the detailing on the Hylian shield so I used some gold acrylic paint and a very fine detail brush to outline the raised parts, which really made it pop! So of course I had to paint the inset on the deku shield as well…This was a pretty easy craft, and the results look fantastic, despite my skills(aka lack thereof).

I didn’t make the full boutonniere though, floral artistry is a little beyond me. I worked with a florist at Harmons Floral for the wedding, and they were amazing(and very reasonably priced). I took these and the story book roses I had made to her about a month before the wedding. She hot glued them onto a fake stem and arranged them just like they were flowers….and the guys looked fantastic in them!



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