Pumpkin Patterns

Posted By The Mrs. on October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Pattern Post

Eep! It’s already the week of Halloween. This month has gone by way too fast…Since it’s, y’know, October, this time for nerdcraft night* I’m going to be carving a pumpkin and I’m having the hardest time picking which pumpkin patterns to use for our pumpkins! On top of that, previous attempts at pumpkin carving have not been met with great success, so I have to admit to being a little nervous…but hey, worst case scenario is that I’ll have a great pinstrosity of a pumpkin carving attempt to share with you guys, right? Right?

Anyway…I’m nowhere near skilled enough at this type of craft to come up with my own pattern, so I’m searching out some cool nerdy ones done by other people online and figured I’d share my favorites with you guys! Later this week we’ll share what patterns we ended up doing…and how badly(or good, but probably bad lol) they turned out!

Sidenote: Someone seriously needs to figure out a Mononoke mask pumpkin pattern. I’m so sad it’s not a thing!

*In case you missed the memo, nerdcraft night is sort of like a book club, except that we get together to do craft projects with nerdy twists. 😉

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