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Posted By The Mrs. on November 1, 2015

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For our wedding I’d initially planned on doing the floral arrangements, including the wedding bouquet, for totally DIY, and I’m really glad I didn’t. It would have been so hard to pull off at all, let alone get the amazing results that my florist did. She seriously nailed everything! There were a multitude of reasons I ended up going mostly pro…not the least of which was the promised end result…I mean…what¬†are the chances that I would have been able to create this:


Time the Day Before

I really REALLY didn’t want to be worrying about getting the right flowers and putting them all together the day before the wedding. Real flowers need to be fresh to not look wilty, so on top of putting it together the day before(and not having a great backup if I failed, which seemed likely!) I also would have had to somehow store it in a refrigerator. Given that I wanted a huge cascading bouquet that seemed unlikely to work out well.

Fake Looks Fake

I considered doing fake bouquets since I would have been able to make those months in advance…then I started looking for high quality fake flowers…yeah, not really a thing. There are some really nice latex ones, but they’re expensive, and my mom happens to be allergic to latex. So I didn’t want to risk dealing with that, and the others just didn’t look like real flowers, and, it turns out, wouldn’t have saved me a dime. The florist I worked with did it for about the same price(if not less than) I would have gotten those flowers for!

Expertise Needed

There is some research for doing your own bouquet that I wasn’t willing to do, like figuring out which flowers would be in bloom when, how to get hard to find ones(like Delphinium) and doing a large cascading bouquet is harder than it sounds. My florist did an amazing job with my four storybook roses, they look fantastic in the bouquet despite being an even number of items that stand out in the arrangement.

Working with a Pro

Those are the three reasons I went mostly pro on this part of the wedding, and I’m relieved I did! It went so smoothly, and probably would have been a fiasco if I had tried to do it myself. Once I realized that, I got in touch with a couple of friends that had been married recently, heard some really good things about the floral department of a local “gourmet” grocer and setup an appointment to get pricing.

Before I went in I had been pinning a storm, so I had a really good idea of the look I was going for, and she had a “menu” of sorts with pictures of different flowers and greeneries that we could talk through. I showed her pictures, we chatted a bit about the greens, and the things I wanted to provide and she gave me pricing. The whole appointment only took about twenty minutes, and the florist let me know that that was because I had such a clear vision of what I was looking for. So don’t slack on the pinning. ūüėČ

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Amanda, the florist I worked with at Harmon’s Floral, also ended up doing a little more than just my bouquet. She also did bouquets for the maids, and boutonnieres for the groomsmen…and she was so accommodating on the parts I still wanted to try my hand at DIYing it was a huge relief.


There was still a little diy worked into the¬†florals at the wedding. The simplest were the 3d prints of shields from the series. We did a Hylian Shield Boutonni√®re for the Wynn, and Kokiri ones for all of the groomsmen(see more here). If you want the shield accents to use in your own stuff, they’re available in our shop!

The hardest DIY I¬†did were the roses…and they were also very time consuming! I never would have gotten them done if my friend Darci hadn’t been so willing to pitch in! <3 Getting them to look just right was also difficult. We¬†made a total of five, but the second one that I did ended up too closed off to really work, especially after seeing one of the gorgeous ones that Darce did! The difference was in how she folded the petals before attaching them, they stuck out a bunch more, and made the roses larger and more delicate looking!

The Traditions

I wrapped all of the traditions that were originally meant to ward off “evil spirits” into one item, the bouquet. It has the strongest tradition of warding off those spirits, though given the state of dentistry and deodorant when bouquets started to became a thing it’s pretty clear that it was really about warding off bad odors!¬†Either way the traditions are fun, and¬†my bouquet contained my somethings old, new, borrowed and blue.


The paper roses are my something old. Growing up my dad used to read me The Lord of the Rings as a bedtime story. His parent gift at our wedding was a boxed set of those books that were printed the year I was born, but I also grabbed an extra copy of the Fellowship of the Ring(pun intended) to use for the roses.


The something new is the pendant with our engagement photo in it. I’m using it as a keychain, and it’s so adorable! I got the pendant from Etsy, and the seller was such a doll, rushing the order for me because I was a slacker and didn’t buy it until right before I needed to take it to Amanda! >.< You can check out her shop(and even get a similar pendant) here!

Borrowed and Blue

The borrowed item was one of my grandmothers hankies, because I knew I’d be getting teary. You can’t see it because it was tucked into the back…But the blue is a little more obvious, since it’s, y’know,¬†the flowers themselves! Blue was actually the bridal color for the wedding, since Zeldas triangle of the triforce is wisdom, so that one was really easy to work in. ūüôā

The Florals

If you guys have more questions about florists I’d love to see them in the comments, but I think it’s time for the pictures! <3


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