Our Zelda Themed Wedding

Posted By The Mrs. on November 5, 2015

Zelda Wedding

Having a themed wedding was a ton of fun, and really helped with a lot of decisions. I mean, there’s no need to debate whether or not you get to wear an elven tiara if the princess you’re modeling after has one!


Let’s be honest, I was ALWAYS going to wear an elven tiara

There is a lot of stress added too though. Some people want their weddings to be cartoony, but I still wanted something that felt traditional and elegant. Some of the ideas for a Zelda wedding on Pinterest were…let’s say not encouraging?

Actual Pinterest Results for a Zelda Wedding:

Adorable? The most. Also, a 10 year olds birthday party. Thanks Pinterest.

Given the “princess/bride” dynamic our culture tends to spoon feed women, you would think a video game with a medieval setting of any sort would already have ridiculous amounts of inspiration all over the internet….nope. Not really….and that’s extra disappointing given that video game “princesses” tend to be some of the more dynamic and capable women with the title.

Fortunately, there are a number of nerdy weddings that have very successfully pulled off both heavily themed and elegant that I could use for inspiration.

The Doctor Who fandom in particular has hosted a number of amazing weddings:

- Pinterest feed was successfully retrieved, but no photos found.

See More Doctor Who Wedding Pins

Of course, my own little nerddom, the Zelda series, is full of beautiful imagery, forests, castles, amazing landscapes, fairies…even a royal family. It wasn’t hard to find inspiration from the series itself, and we were able to work a touch of Zelda into all of the wedding details. The colors were a teal/peacock blue for the bride and her family(Representing Zeldas portion of the triforce, wisdom) and a forest green for the groom and his(Representing Link and his portion of the triforce, courage) along with the color of the triforce itself, gold.

Forest Green

(Groom Side)

Forest Green




Teal Blue

(Brides Side)


I had always wanted to have a rustic, high class bbq type wedding, super woodsy feeling…I gave up on the bbq bit, we went with just a few of our favorite foods(and even had toasted marshmallows!). But the rustic woodsy thing? Sooo Zelda, right? And living in Utah….let’s just say that there isn’t any shortage of rustic woodsy venues. 😉 But finding just the right one was tough, most of them are ski lodges and weren’t quite “away in the mountains” enough….so I pulled up google maps, searched “wedding venues” and centered it over the nearest mountain range and there was Louland.

- Please recheck your ID.

That place was basically *made* for a Zelda wedding…

I was in love after seeing the photos online…My heart was set on the greenery against those rocks, the waterfall, the skys, the rolling hill view behind the arch…I still drool thinking about it…and while all of my vendors were great, they really stood out as over the top with their service. Can not say enough good things about the people there! <3

When I decided that I had to have the Hylian Royal Crest over us while we got married they not only let it be hung, they hung it for us!

Yes, that crest was one of our DIYs, post about making it to come!

Once we had the colors, the setting and the date, it was all down to the little touches, and I’m so excited to share those photos! The ring box with the crest and the spirit stones on it, the cake, the dress, the invites…I intend to do posts about all of the things we did ourselves so that you can diy it too, and will link them  below the images as soon as they’re done. Of course, I’m also sharing info on everything we bought rather than made as well, check below the gallery for those links too. This wedding was amazing because of a number of incredibly talented artisans, and I’m sure any of them would love to work with you too!

Most photos on this page done by our fantastic photographer, Naomi Leu. A few shots were by guests(Like aeDunn)

My Hair and Makeup was done by Lauren McGee

Our florist was Harmons floral

Our Baker was Salt Cake City

The venue was Louland Falls

The caterer was Cosmopolitan Catering

The invitations were designed by me and printed by Beautiful Wedding Announcements They probably still have the assets on file if you want to reuse them!

My dress was made in a collaboration between myself and the wonderful Rebecca Fenton of Haunted Head Clothing.

My Tiara was done by Stasya Wire Wrap

Wynns vest was made by fellow Etsier Fox Jaxon

The boots he and the groomsmen wore are on Amazon

The daggers (cake and groomsmen) were from Amazon

As is Wynns Master Sword and Sword Belt.

His ring was wenge wood and antler, and came from this Etsy shop.

Mine was a stick ring with topaz(to match the wedding color, rustic theme and his ring) and is available here. 

We 3d printed the Navi toppers ourselves. Instructions here, or you can buy them from us here!

The signs were all custom made, post with files and directions here.

The pendant in the bouquet was from Stephs Item Shop(Etsy)

We printed the shields on the boutonnieres, but we’d be happy to do it for you too! They’re in our etsy shop

The earrings worn by the maids were from Dweebish Delights(Etsy)

The Zora Sapphire necklaces worn by the maids are from Sanshee, but Sanshee seems to have discontinued them. You might still find the Sapphires(and kokiri emeralds and goron rubies) here on Amazon though

The ring box came from Sir Octopus Designs on Etsy

The items in the terrarium were printed by us. Message us on Etsy if you need them!

** No fish were harmed in the making of this wedding.

But seriously, fish in weddings are a controversial topic, mostly because they haven’t generally been taken care of in past weddings. However, my dad(father of the bride) has been a fish breeder for over 25 years. He’s a hobbyist who adores fish, these beta live at his house, and three months later they’re still healthy and happy.

On the day of he took care of making sure that they had everything they needed. For beta this means at least a gallon of water per fish that has been balanced and aged, acclimating them to their new containers correctly, large surface area on the water to be able to breath, temperature regulation, food, and a guest list that won’t mess with them. (Kid free, not a bunch of drunk people that might dare each other to swallow fish- you cringe, it’s happened at weddings and frat parties alike)

In other words, it’s a lot of work to do responsibly, in a way that won’t harm other living beings. If you do decide to do it, you should involve a professional, and it shouldn’t be a light consideration.

I think that’s everything, but feel free to comment if you see something you liked and aren’t sure where/how to get it! <3


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    This is amazing! I love all the decorations and outfits <3
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