The Acquisition of a Castle

Posted By The Mrs. on July 6, 2016

Our Castle

So we’ve bought a house. Moved in a few months ago…and that’s the majority of the reason that I haven’t been posting much lately. Househunting was practically a hiatus on life. It had a lot of hope, and a bit of heartbreak too. We ended up with an amazing house, and I am so glad we got the one we did, but the others we considered had their ups too.

For example, the others that we bid on all had genuine master suites, and 2/3 others had a separate shower and tub. Finding the right house is all about knowing which things you want and at what priority so you know what to give up first to get a house in your budget…and for this house, I was willing to sacrifice that ideal bath for a dream kitchen…and the ability to get the bath I wanted down the road with a little renovation.

That entertaining space though....That entertaining space though…. #WorthIt

In our budget, all of the houses we liked needed work, so one of the ways that I valued a house was what I could see us turning it into. One of them had the masterbath already laid out exactly how I wanted it, but the finishes were soooo nineties…which would have been a much easier reno than what we’re going to have to do to get the bathroom I want in this house. The biggest problem with the bath in the house we didn’t get? It was carpeted. Yup. Carpet. In a Bathroom. In my mind that’s practically a safety hazard!

The mental image of men having attempted to pee in that toilet and the inevitable splashes, or god forbid, a full on overflow into cloth, never to really be cleaned is just more than I can handle. That carpet would have had to be ripped out and replaced with something more sanitary before we could have moved in…

The Toilet Attachment we would need for me to feel ok about Wynn using that bathroom...

The Toilet Attachment we would need for me to feel ok about Wynn using that bathroom…

So I’m glad we didn’t end up with that one! The house we got doesn’t have a master suite, just a regular closet and a bath that is shared with the other upstairs bedrooms. One day we plan on knocking out some walls and turning about half of the top level into a master suite complete with the master bath and closet of my dreams….but that’s probably a few years away.

When the kid selling chocolates to go on a school trip has more money in their little box than you have in your bank account...(and then a picture of a cat crying)

A New Home Owner is a Broke One!

In the meantime, the current bathroom still needs some updates…and not just because I kinda sorta ripped the toilet paper holder out of the wall the other day. Nope that could have nothing to do with it. 😉 Anyway…like just about everything else I do this update needs the nerd twist. Now, I’m torn on current bath, vs future bath. One day this will be the kids bathroom, and we’ll have our own bathroom to decorate as well…

At first I was thinking the masterbath theme would be bioshock, but then I realized that A) I don’t really love art deco and B) It was kindof a creepy feel to the whole thing, and I want this to be more spa like and relaxing.

Not Exactly a Sanctuary...

Not Exactly a Sanctuary…

So right now I’m leaning towards Spirited Away for the bathroom theme, and in particular, Haku. This is the early stages of planning, so it could change again, but I’m really loving the idea of representing this river dragon. I was picturing a white(cream)/blue bath already, so I think this could really work…but do I want that for me, or for the kids…hmmm….Zora’s domain could always be another option…

Any suggestions or votes for a bathroom theme for us? The one restriction is that I’m hoping to work in a tealy blue color…because I love this shower curtain and want it to work in the theme! <3


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