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Posted By The Mrs. on July 20, 2016


Above you can see our current bathroom, the one I talked about updating in the previous post. (Pic is of course, pre me accidentally ripping the toilet holder out of the wall… >.< ) And it’s, y’know…fine. A little out of date, but most of the basics in it are good. I mean, most…a small number of the details have left me hating them…for instance, after a few months of living in it though I want to go through that peach with a claw hammer. I don’t know why, but the hatred has just grown beyond tolerance of any sort.

So I’m glad to say that I’ve finally picked a theme I really love: Daenerys Targaryen, she of way too many names to list here. I loved the stone tiles in our bath from the moment I saw them, and a lot of that was because it reminded me of the type of bath I imagined her having…and who doesn’t want to feel like a Khaleesi?

It also helps that I was finally able to do a proof of concept that seems to actually work. Based on Khaleesi as a theme, we’re going to go from the 80’s chic image above to something like this:

Daenerys Bathroom

I say “something like” because this is just a proof of concept that allows me to see all of the main elements playing together nicely and some of those fixtures and accessories…well, they get a little pricey, and we may not be able to afford redoing the countertops just yet…But I’m definitely going to try to figure out how to DIY quite a bit of it!

I’m especially excited to try out replicating that wall. I’ve been on a half dozen trips to Home Depot for paint chips already…You can’t tell in the picture, but that’s actually going to be a metallic paint that ombres up the wall eventually becoming a flatter lighter tone.

This will be a really big project and involve several mini projects, like restaining the existing cabinets, figuring out what to do with the current Medicine cabinets, and selecting the art pieces that will end up on the wall next to a throne a little less iron and a touch more porcelain… 😉

In the meantime, here are links and closeups of everything in that set, just in case some of you have the ridiculous amounts of money that I don’t….and because some of them aren’t *that* bad in price…heck, the shower curtain is on sale at Target right now!


A dragon egg shaped Jar, perfect for storing cotton puffs or bath bombs, you name it! One could hardly do a bathroom inspired by the Mother of Dragons without using this little guy for storage! <3

Bathroom Coordinates

Nautical Key, $300

I fell in love with these for the project, in part because they resemble scales…and then I saw that pricetag. OUCH. So instead I’m planning on trying to DIY a piece or two to look like this. Hopefully I’ll find a way to do it without having to hand cut a bunch of capiz shells to a 1/2 inch size. This is difficult because no one seems to carry them any smaller than an inch without drilling holes in them…Maybe inch ones won’t look as bad as they do in my head. Especially if it’s a larger object, like a pot or a backsplash instead of a soap dispenser…hmmm…

Shower Curtain

Ombre Blue Shower Curtain, Target $20

Daenerys wears blue because it is the Dothraki color of power. This is one of those details of GoT with a real world basis: Royal Purple. The first reason for royalty being the only ones to wear purple? They were the only ones that could afford enough of the dye to actually make a full set of clothes. Later some countries would codify it in their laws, but it started with the price of the dye. Purple dye was originally made only by crushing the shell of a certain sea snail, and that snail was rather small.

There appears to be something similar true in the GoT universe, with only the very rich being able to afford blue dye. This seems to have reserved it for the rich and powerful and is likely to be Daenerys reason for surrounding herself with it instead of her house colors the way the Westerosi houses do.

If you want this shower curtain, you’ll need to nab it quick! Target seems about done selling it…

Amerock Markham Towel Ring, Overstock $30

Amerock Markham Towel Ring, Overstock $30

I chose this style of hand towel holder for two reasons. One, the ring resembles the one Daeneryc wears around her neck to meet the leader of Mereen. Two, because I liked the masculine lines of the square wall attachment. Reading interviews with the costume designer for GoT makes it clear that, like the color blue, Dany views masculinity as a trapping of power. I don’t really see Daenerys as power hungry, I think she recognizes the amount of power required by her goals. Power is a means for her, not an end.


This will be the backsplash, I love the way it resembles dragon scales! It’s intentionally reminiscent of embroidery on Daenerys clothing in seasons five and six…and yet is still affordable, unlike the dragon scaley bath coordinates above.

Honestly I just fell in love with this sink when I saw it. I’m lucky that it fits in with the Daenerys themed scheme because I kinda just love it. Initially we were only going to replace faucets and then I saw this…now I kinda want to replace the countertops so that we can have it. We’ll see, this round of updates has to stay on the budget conscious side. Replacing countertops never seems to match that criteria and will probably be the first thing cut from the project.


Not included:

  1. The Pot, $20- That’s actually one I bought at a local nursery. I plan on putting it next to the toilet with an iron plant in it, because some days I think I’m punny.
  2. The Cabinets- We’ll be restaining our existing ones, look for tutorial posts(aka posts about what we did wrong) soon!
  3. The Countertop- I still haven’t decided whether or not to replace our existing. That will probably come down to money. For this year we’ll probably just paint the existing counter and hope we can afford the new countertop and those gorgeous sinks next year…

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