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Posted By The Mrs. on December 26, 2016

The Box

So we have a favorite White Elephant that we go to every year, hosted by one of our buddies from college. It’s a white elephant exchange in that it follows the traditional rules for the exchanging gifts, but the gifts are a little different…I’m told that the name White Elephant for gift exchanges stems from a story about someone who got a statue of a white elephant and had no idea what to do with it.

A lot of White Elephant gift exchanges incorporate that by making it so that you have to bring random stuff from your house that you don’t want anymore. This one doesn’t. There’s an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t spend more than $30 on the gift, but it’s not enforced…and most of the stuff is really awesome. For example, the gifts that were fought over this year included the following:

And Wynn got this snazzy Minecraft torch that actually lights up!

Minecraft Torch

For those who are unfamiliar, the basic rules are as follows:

  1. All of the gifts are put in a pile
  2. Everyone gets a number
  3. Number one gets to select from the pile first
  4. After they open their gift, they show the entire room
  5. From then everyone else chooses from stealing from someone who already opened a gift or opening a new gift
  6. If your gift is stolen you get another  turn
  7. Presents can only be stolen 3x. The third person to steal keeps the present
  8. When every number has gone, #1 gets the opportunity to steal if they haven’t already

Anywho, the present I ended up with at this years party was AMAZING. I’m writing this because I am stunned by the creativity and effort that went into planning the one I opened.

The box wasn’t really wrapped, but it was definitely well decorated:

Deadpool Package

It opened to this Christmas list:

Deadpool Letter

The list reads:

Dear Santa,


  • A Lock of Beast’s Beautiful Blue Hair
  • Monster Magnet’s Greatest Hits
  • Signed Andrew Ridgley Head Shot
  • 3 Silencers
  • 3 Loudeners
  • Mario Batali Pancake Spatula
  • More Pouches
  • A Pirate Hat
  • $240 Worth of Pudding
  • Wearable Teleporter (W/Built in Pedometer)
  • Betty White’s Personal Phone Number
  • A Real Stuffed Unicorn
  • Something Stronger than Penicillin
  • A Sewing Kit (For my costumer, not my mouth! You Jerk)
  • Be on the Cover of the World’s BIGGEST and BEST Monie Magazine
  • A New Fourth Wall for my Bedroom (Since Mine is Broken)



At this point that freeze upon arrival sticker on the top of the box had me nervous about a potentially abnormal amount of pudding…but I was very pleasantly surprised with the first thing out of the box:


Why yes, this is going to be hung over our bed, why do you ask?

Up next a real stuffed unicorn!

Up next was a real stuffed unicorn!

Complete with candle horn attached by magic (or, y’know, blue glitter glue and I really don’t see the difference! 😉 )


Ahem, well then… lol

Mug & Socks

<3 this mug! It’s bigger and heavier than it looks.

Deadpool Socks


Finally, as a piece de resistance, there was another note. A page of the script from Deadpool, with notes (and pictures!) from Deadpool himself!

Page from Deadpool Script

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