Fallout/Idiocracy NYE Party Planning

Posted By The Mrs. on December 29, 2016


2016 has been a shit show for children of the eighties. Politics aside* we lost a bunch of our favorite people. Carrie Fisher, Elie Wiesel, David Bowie….the list continues with far too many of the good’uns.



If the apocalypse is supposed to include taking up all the good people in advance of the hellfire, then 2016 seems to be getting pretty damn close to the rapture. So making our NYE party Fallout/Idiocracy themed seems like a great plan. Of course, it’s also an ambitious one. I have 3 days to pull it off. I kept the guest list short though, by accidentally not inviting people until like a week ago. So…I can probably pull this off for a max of like, 15 people, right?


…guys? *sigh* More electrolytes and nuka-cola for me I guess…

And hey, I’ve already made significant progress on the planning front. I have a menu! Some things for drinks! Decor from Halloween that will probably work for this too! Even a contest planned!


Mostly appetizers and small plates. Not really a full meal type thing.

  • Coca Nuka Cola Chicken wings
  • Yum Yum Deviled Eggs
  • Fancy Lads Snack Cakes
  • Big Ass boxes of French Fries
  • Velveeta Fattubin to dip the fries

After the party the list will link to recipes.


  • Gatorade Brawndo (It’s got electrolytes)
    • (What plants crave)
  • Coca Nuka Cola
  • Fallout shots
  • Mountain Dew shot glasses for blue curacao Nuka Cola Quantum

After the party the list will link to instructions.


“Bomb” Making Contest

The fallout shots are like, ridiculously hard to pour. Person who makes the best bomb while we all get bombed is going to get a prize.

More to come…Probably…who knows.


Of course we’ll be playing idiocracy clips and fallout lets plays on our tvs. But there will also be posters hung, and signs for all the food. Once I finish the party and do all the crafts I’ll do posts about them and link them here.


*though my generation seems pretty solid on that having been shitty too

Oh my god...

#StillSanders #EvenAfterAllThisTime #Always

Goddammit, I just remembered that Rickman is on the list too…. :'(

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