Wynn JE McMillin

aka The Mister


First Job: Soup or Salad, Waiter

Current Job: Photo Editor, Overstock

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

Hobbies: Video Games, Drawing,


Shaunty McMillin

aka The Mrs.

Untitled design (1)

First Job: Miss Billie’s Kids Kampus, Daycare Teacher

Current Job: Rakuten Display, Technical Project Manager

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Eggs Benedict and Sushi

Hobbies: Video Games, 3D printing, Debate


We met at ITT Tech during a class called Rapid Viz. Shaunty walked into the room and scanned it. She noticed a single guy out of the class that she might be willing to date. This was in large part due to his haircut, and unfortunately he started talking not soon after.

This did not bode well for us, and we bickered fairly incessantly throughout that semester, and into the next. He didn’t like that she was willing to give critiques and tips for work when she hadn’t completed the assignment. She had never seen Family Guy, and the references were totally lost on her…this was fixed later. As was his phase where everything was a family guy quote…sort of. Eventually she grew fond of it as well.

A semester or two later Shaunty was behind in the 3D modeling class, and Wynn offered to tutor her.  Normally this would be followed by an innuendo of some sort, however Shaunty was still dating some jerk. This would also be fixed later.

First Date

A few months later that jerk was finally dumped. And, after the official two week mourning period, the question began: “Wanna go out some time?”

But it was the holidays, and family stuff was super over the top that year, so it wasn’t until January that they had their first date. On his birthday she made sure to bring a home made brownie(with melty chocolate chips!), even though they didn’t share a class that night. When he asked again, she said yes.

We planned it for the next Saturday, and she ditched out on GameClub that day to go shopping for that “just right” outfit. He showed up fifteen minutes early. She would be ready on time, but early was just too much to ask, so he had to wait in the front room at her parents house, clueless as to how much beer he would later spill on that very carpet. When he walked in Ciara and Jamie were playing Guitar Hero, and Ciara invited him to play. When he accepted, Ciara immediately instructed Jamie “Ok Jamie, give him your paddle!”

He took it, went to sit down….and missed the couch by about three feet(six if Jamie is telling the story, six inches if Wynn is) The first words out of his mouth? “Don’t tell Shaunty!” So of course Ciara immediately gave her paddle up to Jamie and beelined for Shauntys room…

Once she was ready her parents came up from their bedroom to say hello, and while her mother was her usual charming self her father spoke mostly in grunts, and had his arms crossed the entire time. As we went to walk out the door he stopped Wynn, admonishing him “Now listen, I am not afraid to go back to prison.” Before he could turn on heel Wynn laughed and asked “How many guys fall for that one?” Sheepishly “All of the others so far…”

The restaurant chosen was Shogun, downtown. Midwinter, snow everywhere, and her in a thin pencil skirt, light jacket and peep toe shoes meant circling the block for parking quite a few times…which brought about the famous “You can’t turn left here!” according to him, she’s deadset that he was attempting to turn right.

After parking and dinner he looked up disappointed that all of the rolls had been eaten, and when the waitress came to offer the check he requested the menu instead, insisting that she take a roll home to her parents. This would be a tradition that would continue about once every six months until they moved in together.


He tried proposing several times, most notably she “thwarted” one plan when Longhorn was going to have a 45 minute wait and we ended up at Chili’s instead. But the night did finally come when it all worked out. One night in November, he planned a date night at a little sushi place we used to frequent when we first moved in together. At the end of dinner, he took her hand from across the table and stumbled through a speech asking to keep it forever.

And she said yes!