Groomsmen Gift

Bridesmaid (and Groomsmen!) Proposals

Posted By The Mrs. on July 7, 2015 in NerdCrafting

I totally fell in love with the idea of doing a little something especially zelda for the bridal party proposal, and I’m really excited about how they turned out! It’s such a big commitment, so while we couldn’t afford to purchase their attire day of we still wanted to help in some way. We focused on […]

How to Pick Your Own 3D Printer

How to Pick Your Own 3D Printer

Posted By The Mrs. on June 23, 2015 in NerdCrafting

Are you ready to own your own primitive replicator? Because it’s totally a thing. Right now the consumer market is exploding with options….most of which will cost you about the same as a new tv, and have specs that can be confusing with very little help on which one will work best for you. And that’s […]

The BEST new DIY tool you aren't (2)

The Best New DIY Tool

Posted By The Mrs. on June 21, 2015 in NerdCrafting

Summer is here, and with it so are a variety of DIY projects, both indoors and out…and there’s one new tool that I bet you haven’t touched yet! The 3D printer. This is technologies gift to the DIY masters out there, and if you aren’t using it already, you are missing out. Easier to use than ever, […]

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