We didn’t die doing it but…

We may have been lucky. I mean, we were probably lucky. Have you met me? I regularly forget that I was sitting on the floor to craft something using scissors and a wood burning tool. It’s only a matter of time before one of us ends up in the hospital.

So please, before attempting to do any of the crafts/activities featured on our site make sure you’ve read all manufacturer warnings and watched an episode or two of jackass to see how it could go wrong. We’re not responsible if you mess it up. We like you and all, but we have enough trouble not messing it up ourselves so seriously, do your mommas a favor. Be careful!

Site Revenue

One of our goals with this site is to make it so that Wynn can one day (in the not so very distant future) be a stay at home dad…but our bigger goal is to make sure that our site is a great experience for everyone. So we do our best to keep our revenue generation subtle. Sites like mashable, with a single image and maybe a paragraph surrounded by all the ads your computer screen can fit piss us off too. That’s not the experience we wanted to create for fellow nerdcrafters.

Affiliate Links/Display Ads

Instead of that obnoxiousness we prefer to use affiliate links for products that are actually relevant to our projects. This means that if we use a material that is available on amazon, and you click the link to the product on amazon and buy it, we may make a commission on any sale that results from you clicking that link. Don’t worry, it won’t increase the price or add any extra cost to you. It just enables us to create more great content and do more projects for the blog.

We do still allow some banner ads to display on the site. We’ve been very picky, both with where they can show up(~4 spots total, across all of our templates) and with which categories of ads can display. You won’t see ads for “dating” sites, but might see one for Michael’s. One is relevant to what we do, and the other is probably just annoying.

But for generating revenue, we’re far more focused on making quality posts and editorial content. Those often generate revenue for us by featuring third party products and services. This content may link to third party owned and operated web sites where you can purchase affiliate products.  If you click on a link and then follow it to ultimately purchase a product on an affiliate’s web site, Wynn and I (aka the residents of right castle) will receive compensation.

Our Affiliates include or have included (not a complete list and the parties are subject to change at any time):

Tell us how that makes you feeeel…

Even though we sometimes receive compensation for the purchase of affiliate products, we will always do our best to provide honest opinions about the products, services, and events featured on the site. If you have a different experience than we do, and think that maybe something about the quality or customer service being offered has changed we definitely want to hear about that so we can figure out an alternative for everyone.

We post links to things based on how awesome they are, not based on affiliate programs. This is why you still see all the links to Etsy everywhere even though we have yet to partner with them. If you see us link something, you get it and it turns out to not be so awesome please let us know! We want that feedback so that we can improve the experience for everyone.

All questions, comments or concerns  like that can be sent to us via our contact page. We are currently able to personally respond to all questions that come through that form. You can even ask a question prior to purchasing any product or service mentioned on the site! We’re happy to fill you in on anything.

If I have to say this one more time…

We wrote this bit as blanket notice about how we monetize the site and how you shouldn’t be stupid while crafting. We wanted to avoid notating every single post with an annoying disclaimer. It’s like, you get it. Clicking on links helps support the site. Coolsies. Can we go back to carving pumpkins now?